Campus Response to New Pandemic Order

In response to the newly announced epidemic order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), which the Governor announced Sunday, the College is implementing the following campus restrictions to flatten the curve, protect the health and safety of all K students, faculty and staff, and to increase the chance of successfully re-opening the campus to limited capacity in January.

Effective Tuesday, November 17, through Tuesday, December 8:

  • The Library student study space will end and the Fitness Center will re-close (current fitness reservations through Tuesday, Nov. 17 will be honored)
  • In-person campus tours for Admission will be put on hold 
  • Each vice president will review their business areas to reaffirm that only staff who are required to be on-site to carry out their work are coming to campus; all others should continue to work remotely
  • Individuals who have obtained permission to be on campus for specific business or academic purposes will continue to have access.

Please note that access to campus spaces is predicated on everyone wearing a mask and practicing appropriate physical distancing—and can be revoked for non-compliance.

We are convening a meeting of the Fall Monitoring Group today. 

We encourage you to download the MDHHS COVID Tracking app, which will alert you to possible exposures.

Thank you all for doing your part to Protect the Hive.


Jorge G. Gonzalez