COVID-19 Winter & Spring 2021 Dashboard

Student and employee data reported from January 4, 2021 through June 14, 2021.

Spring term ended on June 8, so dashboard updates concluded on June 14.

While many students and employees attended virtual classes and worked remotely during the Spring 2021 term, Kalamazoo College’s campus was open at a limited capacity which carried the additional risk of spread of COVID-19. The College engaged in weekly random surveillance testing of on-campus employees and students, and offered students diagnostic testing weekdays by appointment through the Kalamazoo College Student Health Center. The goal of surveillance testing was to test about 10% of the campus population per week, as a way of gauging the presence of the COVID-19 virus among employees and students. Contact tracing occurred within 24 hours of a positive test result.

This dashboard was updated every weekday morning with the results of the COVID-19 diagnostic and surveillance tests administered on campus and with self-reported student and employee data. Self-reporting was voluntary, so these data may not accurately reflect the entire College community’s COVID-19 status.

Kalamazoo College successfully hosted multiple COVID-19 vaccination clinics for students and employees since March 2021, and 79% of students and 86% of employees in the on-campus community have already received their first dose. Kalamazoo College will require students be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arriving on campus next fall.

Current K Campus Activity Level: Yellow (Open, Social Distancing)

Active Cases





Isolation Space

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Quarantine Space

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Test Result Time

24 – 48 hours

Weekday Average

Cumulative Test Results

Since January 4

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Positive Test Rate


Seven-Day Average

Positive Cases

Chart includes weekly data from diagnostic tests, surveillance tests, and self-reported positives since January 4, 2021

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Kalamazoo County Positive Test Rate


Seven-Day Average

Michigan Positive Test Rate


Seven-Day Average

Dashboard Definitions

Active Cases: The total number of people in the on-campus College community with known active COVID-19 infection.

Isolation Space: On-campus space designated for residential students only with active COVID-19 infection.

Quarantine Space: On-campus space designated for residential students only who have been exposed to an active case of COVID-19.

Test Result Turnaround Time: The average amount of time it takes from administering a COVID-19 PCR test to the time the results are received.

Cumulative Test Results: Students may receive more than one type of test through the Student Health Center in one day, so the dashboard reports the sum of testing encounters (defined as the number of people tested per day) instead of the total number of tests administered.

Positive Test Rate: Following the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center guidelines, the rolling seven-day average is first calculated separately for daily positive testing encounters and daily total testing encounters, and the positive test rate is equal to the seven-day average positive testing encounters divided by the seven-day average total testing encounters.

Positive Cases: A positive case is any student or employee who received a positive test result from the COVID-19 diagnostic or surveillance tests administered on campus or self-reported a positive test result from an independent testing facility.

Off-campus Positives: Self-reported positive test results for students who do not spend any time on campus (because they live far away, for example) and employees who spend less than four hours on campus each week.

Kalamazoo County Positive Test Rate: The positive test rate for the past seven days for Kalamazoo County, according to Michigan’s Safe Start Map dashboard.

Michigan Positive Test Rate: The positive test rate for the past seven days for the State of Michigan, according to Michigan’s Safe Start Map dashboard.

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