Modification of Credit/No Credit Policy

The Kalamazoo College faculty have voted to make modifications to the Credit/No Credit policy for fall term 2020. The changes to the currently published catalog policy are highlighted in bold below. The unbolded information remains unchanged from the published policy.

Credit/No Credit Policy

All students may elect to take at most TWO letter-graded courses on campus as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) in Winter and Spring 2020, with only the SECOND one of the two counting against the maximum of four courses over their college career (not including Spring 2020).

  • Students may elect this option for at most one course in any one department. The CR/NC grade option is not available for Shared Passage Seminars or for the final course taken to satisfy the language requirement (i.e. 103 or 201).
  • Letter-graded courses taken as CR/NC may not count towards any major, minor, or concentration (including required cognates), nor may they satisfy prerequisites for those course sequences that require a “C- or better,” without special permission from the department.
  • Students who take a course for a CR/NC grade may retake the course for a letter grade
  • Students may choose to apply the CR/NC option at any time during the course, up to midnight EST Friday of 10th week. The professor will assign a letter grade as per normal procedure, but the Registrar’s Office will convert passing grades to CR and will convert an F to NC. (Professors will not be formally notified if students have taken this option.)

These changes reflect the desire to provide additional flexibility for students and reflect consideration of student feedback about the CR/NC policy last spring.