Winter Sports Phase-In Process

On December 13, our four winter teams (men’s and women’s swimming and diving, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball) will all begin a phasing-in period at home. Due to the fact that we were not in person in the fall, did nothing organized with our teams, and we have not properly phased our students into their environment, we will begin this process at home in order to come to campus and be ready to practice and compete this winter. What this means for our four winter teams is that we need them to quarantine at home for 14 days in order to report to campus on December 26. These are the guidelines that we are requiring our athletes, coaches and staff to adhere to for our process:  

Phase I: Dec. 13–26

For students who plan to travel back to campus by car:

  • Quarantine at home starting December 13.
  • Fill out a COVID-19 daily screening via the app.
  • Travel by car to Kalamazoo College for move-in instructions. 

If students are not able to quarantine at home, they will start their 14-day quarantine once they arrive in Kalamazoo. They should still begin their daily health screenings on December 13.

For students who will be traveling back by bus, train, plane, etc.

  • Fill out a COVID-19 daily screening via the app beginning December 13.
  • Quarantine will begin once you have entered the Kalamazoo area.  

What quarantining at home means for Phase I and what is expected of our students:

  • Restrict movement within and outside of the home. Avoid public areas, large gatherings, public transportation, etc.
  • Quarantining in the home includes eating meals in a private space or outdoors with family at least 6 feet apart.
  • Use separate servingware, utensils, glasses and plates.
  • Use a separate bathroom from other family members. If not possible, then disinfect the bathroom after each use.
  • Avoid physical contact, including hugging, kissing and shaking hands.
  • Wear a mask and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet when in the presence of others (not in your bubble).

If quarantine is not possible, stay physically distant from family household members, wear a face covering and avoid close contact, including hugging and shaking hands, for the 14 days at home. Consider placing HEPA filter units in the home and opening windows to increase air circulation.

Phase II: Dec. 26–Jan. 8

  • Students arrive on campus for PCR test.
  • PCR test on day one.
  • Students will quarantine in their residence until all test results are back (or 14 days if student did not quarantine at home).
  • Testing protocols will then follow the NCAA recommendations for in-season athletes.
  • Complete daily COVID-19 symptom screening; temperatures will be taken.
  • Once initial tests are complete and the results are back, teams may begin practicing together with <50 participants; there will be no contact with one another in this stage.
  • Week 2 of Phase II: Teammates may start sharing equipment.
  • No locker room use for anything other than changing clothes will be permitted. 

Phase II: Jan. 922

  • Continue NCAA testing protocols as recommended for in-season athletes.
  • Daily COVID-19 symptom screening and temperatures taken.
  • Contact may begin in practices and in training sessions.
  • No locker room for anything other than changing clothes will be permitted.

Phase IV: Jan. 23

  • Competitions permitted.
  • Continue NCAA testing protocols as recommended for in-season athletes.
  • Daily COVID-19 symptoms screening and temperatures taken.

 If at any point we must shut things down due to outbreaks or as instructed by local, state, or federal health professionals or team medical doctors, then we will do so. Our first concern is the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and support staff. We will update you with more information in the coming weeks, particularly with information regarding game day protocols and policies that we will be enforcing this winter. Information will come out later for our fall/spring seasons as well. If you have any questions, please email those to